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The time of a mother’s death

The Mother’s Perspective:

My daughter walks into my room. As she props herself next to my bedside she asks if I am able to eat. She practically begs me as I have barely touched my food for the past two days. She fears my stomach will shrink to the size of a quarter and I’ll be as dry as a dehydrated apple chip. I’d have no issue with the former, but I’m not particularly enamored with the latter. No amount of exfoliation can fix that situation.

I’m still half asleep and have that horrible…

As physical beings we are finite, and only take up so much space in this corporeal world. Our spirits, however, are infinite and interconnected. In this way alone, we are all but one — a part of one another. But in this physical world, the loss, and pain, and separation as well as the joy and happiness that we feel, are very real. So when I lost you, a part of me died as well.

Yet, I am still whole — because you left a piece of yourself within me. Just enough to fill the void that ripped through my…

You’ve probably read all the statistics about how many Americans are acting as unpaid caregivers to their loved ones. The numbers are staggering, even overwhelming. I will not go into them here. This article is not about these statistics, nor is it about the financial burdens that are a result of providing such care. It is about the emotional burdens. Specifically, the frustrations of not only being a caregiver but also of the frustrations of the one receiving the care.

There is a wide range of coping mechanisms to help deal with these frustrations. Many of which I personally do…

Mary Durio

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